Musharikat Coalitions for Change | Access to Healthcare

Advocating to increase the number of girls with a secondary and tertiary education

The Musharikat activity is one of four Promote projects. Musharikat is designed to build a cadre of more than 5,000 activists and 300 civil society organizations (CSOs) from all 34 provinces to advocate more effectively for and advance women's equality and empowerment in Afghanistan. The coalitions were formed through an inclusive and transparent voting process through which broad input was obtained on priority issues from women in all 34 provinces. Promote Musharikat provides capacity building training to the coalitions on: planning, public policy processes, and advocacy campaign development. Each coalition then creates its own advocacy strategy and determines how to best execute its plan.

Access to Healthcare

The Access to Healthcare Coalition seeks to improve women's healthcare services with a focus on maternal and child health.To achieve this goal, coalition members will: 1) Advocate for implementation of the Health Law concerning establishment of child care centers, 2) Advocate for implementation of the National Health Strategy 2016-2020 directive to improve access to maternal and child care services, and 3) Raise awareness on the importance of maternal health and mother's rights to family planning.

1'Your coalitions' strength is in the partner­ ship of its members - the term being used by the project is a good one - 11Musharikat /1 Through Musharikat1 your coalitions will help us achieve the goals we all want for Afghan women."

H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at the 2016 Musharikat National Summit

What we will do - TOGETHER

Advocate for women's equality and empowerment
Research and investigation: Conduct research/surveys and hold meetings to gather information that are the foundation of evidence-based advocacy efforts
Awareness-raising amongst communities: Hold town hall meetings, host roundtables, and conduct media campaigns
Engage decision-makers and other stakeholders: Prepare for and lead meetings with government officials and policy makers at the national, provincial, district, and village levels
Gain support and commitment for positive change: Host joint conferences and media events with partners and government stakeholders
Monitor and report impact: Prepare presentations for advocacy meetings with government officials, write monitoring reports, and prepare press releases

"Dear sisters! You have been standing up against unfairness1 injustice1 and discrimination against us, and raising your voice - I am with you in this effort. This voice has to be raised, but a single voice cannot make anything happen. We have to collectively raise our voice in our time.

Habiba Sarabi 1 Vice Chairperson of the High Peace Council at the 2016 Musharikat National Summit

How you can help

  • Contact your regional Musharikat office to learn more about coalition activities
  • Apply for membership in a coalition of your choice
  • Volunteer to help on an advocacy campaign that is important to you
  • Tell others about your work with a coalition

Join a Musharikat Coalition for Change

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