Scholarships and EducationUSAID’s SEA II Program, in collaboration with Promote, will support 720 women in achieving their dreams by enrolling in and graduating from high-quality Bachelor’s degree programs through selected private universities that have academic programs that align with workforce needs in fields of study that will enable them to find gainful employment;
Scholarships will also be available for 180 women to attend universities in neighboring countries.  These scholarships will be for women who are seeking to advance in their current field of work or who wish to pursue a specific program which is not available in Afghanistan.
Total number of scholarships available for women over the next four years is 900.


Assistance with Kankor Examinations

Entry into higher education is based on the success of a student in the national Kankor examination, and for too long, young women have been disadvantaged in achieving strong results.  Since this examination is important, many families ensure that the young men in their families receive additional tutoring so that they can receive a competitive score, however, the girls in the families are often left out of the opportunity.  In order to support young women to succeed in the examinations, the Asia Foundation is offering an additional complementary program to ensure that young women are able to secure their place in higher education.  Starting this year and continuing for the next five years, USAID through its Promote program, will provide special assistance to 72,000 young women attending in 400 secondary schools throughout Afghanistan to prepare for this crucial test.   

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