Afghan Women Set The Agenda for USAID’s Promote MusharikatDecisions, decisions.  Promote Musharikat gives women-focused civil society organizations (CSOs) and activists the power to choose and prioritize
the most critical issues around which women need to coalesce to remove the barriers to women’s full participation in Afghan society.  

Promote Musharikat sponsored a series of regional forums held across the country since late January, in which women leaders worked together to identify the priority issues which impede their ability to exercise their rights and fully participate in Afghan society.  

At the same time, Promote Musharikat collected input from 400 women-focused CSOs and activists on what they consider to be the three most critical challenges facing women in their communities and how they proposed to solve them.

A thorough and methodical analysis of these two data sets yielded this prioritized list of 12 challenges that Promote Musharikat will help women tackle.

  1. Access to Education
  2. Violence Against Women
  3. Awareness of Women's Rights
  4. Security
  5. Unemployment/Lack of Economic Opportunity
  6. Women’s Political Participation
  7. Lack of Women in Leadership Positions
  8. Harmful Social Practices that Affect Women (especially Early, Forced & Child Marriages)
  9. Access to Justice
  10. Harassment/discrimination
  11. Corruption
  12. Access to Health

At a National Summit in early May, Promote Musharikat will support these coalitions to work on these challenges. At this summit, delegates will finish the process of prioritizing issues and launch the next phase – designing and implementing effective advocacy campaigns to achieve transformational change for Afghan women, families, communities and country.