Many Afghan women do not receive their due inheritance because they are unaware of their rights or do not want to challenge their brothers, fathers, and husbands due to local culture.

USAID Promote: Women in the Economy (WIE) and its Technical Working Group (TWG) partner with the Afghan Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs (MoHRA) to address this issue. MoHRA’s Deputy Minister Daiulhaq Abid is adamant in saying, “Inheritance is an Islamic right of a woman; it doesn’t need any changes in law, but awareness among the general public, especially women.”

The Deputy Minister added that the commitment of Islamic scholars and their active participation is required to educate people and change community perceptions.

“Islam is very clear and strict about inheritance rights of women. Anyone who rejects granting inheritance of women will suffer for this injustice and sin. The Ministry is highly committed to partner with WIE on an extensive education and awareness campaign.”

The USAID Promote: Women in the Economy Technical Working Group is committed to educating women about their rights, and supporting men who will advocate for women’s economic rights under Islam, Sharia law, and the constitution of Afghanistan. When women truly know their rights and have access to enforcement institutions, they have a much better chance of inheriting property and other assets that improve their economic and social status.