From Recruits to RecruitersThe USAID Promote Women in Government project has opened an exciting career path for interns Karima Saeed and Zarghona Tahiri. After completing their training at the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI), they began three months of practical work at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs, and Disabled (MoLSAMD) in March 2016.

During their practical work, the two interns established a professional relationship with their mentor to gain a better understanding of the ministry’s work. Their mentor is impressed with their willingness to take on further responsibilities and  their demonstrated self-confidence. Recognizing their abilities, the mentor assigned the interns to work on the recruitment team in the Human Resources Directorate.

The recruitment team supports the National Skills Development Program, one of the largest programs run by MoLSAMD. To fill program vacancies, Karima and Zarghona review applications, shortlist eligible applicants for managerial positons in Kabul and the provinces, and verify candidates’ required education and employment documents.

The two interns are enthusiastically engaged in the hiring process and completed the recruitment process for a number of positions. Karima expressed, “I like this work. I work hard and ask many questions during the process of reviewing applications. My mentor provides clear responses to my questions.”

“This practical period effectively engaged us in the real work of human resources. By implementing the processes and procedures, we learnedhow recruitments are done. Now that we are recruiters, we understand the skills needed to develop ourselves in order to grow into management positions,” Said Karima.

By serving as interview panelists, Karima and Zarghona better understand how to effectively present their education and skills during interviews. With ongoing training, they will be well-prepared to apply for ministry positons in the near future.