Logar Province is located in the central zone of Afghanistan with a total of 655 villages and an estimated population of 411,845 people. Unemployment is high and work opportunities sparse, and even more so if you are a woman. 21 year old Maya*, from the Logar Province, studied midwifery at a Nursing Institute. After she graduated, she started looking for work. With her limited knowledge on how to approach the job market, and who to approach, she battled to find work and when she did find a position to apply for, she was rejected time and time again because of her lack of work experience.

Maya attended a WIE information and outreach session where she learned about the WIE internship and apprenticeship program. Maya knew this was the opportunity for her and she registered with WIE.  Her application was processed and a couple of months later, WIE referred Maya to a local hospital as a job seeker where she gained permanent employment as a midwife with a salary of 13500 AFN a month.

Promote (Promoting Gender Equality in National Priority Programs) is a four year USAID initiative that will enable educated Afghan women to enter and advance within mainstream social, political and economic sectors. Women in the Economy (WIE) is a task order under Promote with a focus on both private sector and workforce development. To help female jobseekers, WIE supports educated women between the ages of 18 and 30 in finding new or better jobs through career counseling, workplace skills development, and technical skills training based on market demand. This is done by partnering with local educational, vocational, and technical training providers to deliver services, and by funding scholarships for training and certification programs. The project also supports internships, apprenticeships, and job placement services that give women the opportunity to gain work experience, prove their capabilities to employers, and secure new or better positions. WIE also incentivizes companies to improve workplace environments for women.


*Name changed for security reasons