Karima* is a happy and hardworking 26 years old Afghan woman with big dreams. In pursuit of her dreams, Karima has applied for multiple positions with the government and non-governmental organizations.  But no matter how many times she applied, she never successfully received a job offer.

After completing her bachelor’s degree Karima applied for the Promote-Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) Jawana course. For three months she built her capacity, learned leadership skills and connected with like-minded women from her town. At the end of the program Karima qualified for the WLD Mentorship program, which is designed to support graduates through face-to-face mentoring with highly respected and skilled professionals.

Karima happily describes her Mentorship experience; “My mentor Mr. Aziz Rafie Head and founder of Afghanistan Civil Society Forum (ACSF) is a different person from anyone else in this world, he become the reason for me to change my idea against all men in Afghanistan. After familiarity with Mr. Rafie I have found out that there are still men in Afghanistan who are working for women empowerment.” Karima went on to say that; “After joining the mentorship program I have seen so much positive changes in myself that before I did not have them or I could not feel them in myself, this program has given me the feeling that I am able and I have the ability to do anything I want to empower Afghan women, it helped me discuss and analyze the issues and find a solution for them which before I was not able to even think about them.”

At the end of her mentorship, Karima finally found professional success. She was recruited as an Administrative Assistant with ACSF, finally attaining her goal of working.



 *Name changed for security reasons