A GREAT CHANCE FOR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTSohaila Ahmadi*, a 22-year-old woman who graduated from Kabul University’s psychology faculty in 2013, found the USAID Promote: Women in Government internship program very useful in her personal and professional development.

When Sohaila graduated, she was looking for opportuni-ties to learn more about government work while also gaining necessary experience in an office environment. Despite her ef-forts to secure government work, entry into the civil service re-mained difficult. However, when she found out about the USAID Promote: Women in Government internship program from a friend, her parents encouraged her to apply. With the skills and practical experience Sohaila will gain through the internship program, she will be thoroughly prepared for placement in gov-ernmental institutions.
Sohaila believes it is the duty of each citizen – women and men alike – to actively contribute to the development of Afghanistan. Making up half of the population, women have the potential to play a significant role in the country’s progress. She feels that more women in the civil service will result in a more developed and progressive Afghanistan. She also adds that the current number of women in decision-making roles in the civil service is unsatisfactory, and that more women should pursue government work.

The USAID Promote: Women in Government internship will facilitate Sohaila’s entry into a government job after com-pleting the program, and in the long-run will help her provide financial support to her family. The internship training program has also played a significant role in her personal development. She feels her self-confidence, courage, and independence have grown considerably since beginning the internship, which will prepare her for work in office environments. Indeed, she expressed that she feels very confident and capable about working in managerial positions in grades 5 and 4 after com-pleting the internship program.

Sohaila sends an encouraging message to the incoming class of newly selected interns, stating that “In the current situa-tion, being selected for such an internship program is a really extraordinary and big chance for making a bright future.”

*Name Changed for security reasons