Muska Naeemi*, 23, graduated from Kabul University in 2014 but couldn’t find a job since she did not have previous work experience. Then her husband heard about Promote’s Women in Government internship program. Muska went through the demanding application process, earning one of 25 pilot internships in the Promote program designed to help women get key jobs in the Afghan government. 

"This program is a practical solution to boost opportunities for Afghan women and prepare them for fulfilling careers within the Afghan civil service," said Muska. 

USAID launched the Promote Women in Government program in August. During the nine-month internship program, Muska and others are taking a six-month comprehensive Civil Service training at the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI). It covers technical skills in the core competencies of civil service. 

The ASCIs training methodology is through presentations, lectures, group work, and one-on-one coaching. 

After the six-month course is completed, the women will spend three months at a ministry getting on-the-job training to increase their qualifications and their potential to find a job within the government. 

The interns will also go through three months of management and leadership training through the complementary Promote Women’s Leadership Development program.

The first training topic in the ACSI was management skills. Muska took a pre-training assessment to evaluate her level of management knowledge. She didn’t do very well. 
But after finishing the course, she was tested again. This time, Muska scored 100 percent. "When I completed the management skills training," she said. "I felt like a strong woman who has the potential to be a good manager." 

*Name Changed for security reasons