Afghan government ministries have shown tremendous support for Promote’s Women in Government program by offering the pilot program a variety of three-month internships for participants to get practical government experience that could lead to a job.

To date, 18 of Afghanistan’s 23 ministries have openings for the pilot group. Lailee Rahimi, the program’s intern coordinator, is working on placing the women in internships that match their educational backgrounds.  

“We are talking now to the ministries to find out how many will take the girls in the pilot program,” said Mrs. Rahimi. “But we have a general commitment for the girls to get mid-level experience for the pilot group.”

The Women in Government program is designed to help young women with a college degree and leadership potential find mid-level civil service jobs after they complete the nine-month program. A pilot program for 25 interns began in August and ends in late February.  Then the young women will be placed in three-month internships at a ministry.

The women are now studying such topics as project and financial management, Civil Service law, procurement, time-management and leadership skills as well as taking communications and public speaking classes at the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute.

By the time the women complete the nine-month program, they will have had six months of classes and three months on-the-job training. Then, they will take the Civil Service Exam and compete for jobs. They are also eligible to participate in Promote’s three-month Women’s Leadership Development program.

The second round of classes will begin in January with 200 women. A record, 1,017 women from Kabul, Parwan and Kapisa provinces applied for the chance to participate in the program.