Salima Karimi* was one of the first interns to participate in the Promote-Women in Government (WIG) program, starting her internship with the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) in March 2016.WIG interns Salima describes her experience as a great learning opportunity, even though it was challenging at times with showing flexibility in sharing office space, coordinating well with other employees, and being comfortable working outside the home all day together with male colleagues. Through the internship, Salima obtained technical knowledge and skills of a professional librarian, became familiar with the working environment of a library and gained knowledge on different approaches to library management. Additionally, she was able to form a strong professional network. Salima’s dedication, hard work and willingness to work for the government influenced her management to encourage her to consider applying for a permanent position.

After the internship, Salima applied for the Library Assistant position at the Ministry of Information and Culture. She competed against thirty five applicants and excelled in the written test and oral interview. Within ten days of completing the internship, Salima Karimi officially became the first intern to advance to fulltime employment!

Salima was thrilled to talk about her success: “The ministry hired me!” In her new role, Salima will assist the Director at the Public Library in carrying out daily functions and assisting librarians with the acquisition, preparation, and organization of literature and information.

*Name changed for security reasons