Placement of 17 Pilot Interns at Afghan MinistriesThe USAID Promote: Women in Government Program is pleased to announce that it placed 17 pilot interns in ministries for their three months practical work.  This marks the conclusion of this cohort’s successful completion of the six-month, classroom-based training at Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI). To facilitate the placement of interns at partner ministries, the team drafted an introductory letter to submit to ministries. The letter provides a brief introduction on the project, introduces the interns, and discusses the interns’ professional area of interest. 

This cohort of interns were placed throughout the following ministries:

  • Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT): Total of 2 interns started on March 1, 2016
    • 2 in HR department
  • Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC): total of 2 interns started on March 1, 2016
    • 2 in News Agency department
  • Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MoCN): total of 2 interns started on March 5, 2016 
    • 2 in the HR department
  • Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD): total of 5 interns started on March 7, 2016
    • 4 in Water and Sanitation Directorate
    • 1 in the Audit department 
  • Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD): total of 3 interns started on March 8, 2016
    • 3 in Policy and Planning department
  • Ministry of Finance: total of 3 interns started on March 13, 2016
    • 3 in the HR department

The interns enthusiastically expressed their interest in the program and said they are looking forward to their practical work at ministries. Based on the agreement with ACSI, interns will receive a one-year certificate after completion of nine months of internship, six months training at ACSI, and three months of practical work at ministries.