Promote Women in Government Interns Building Confidence to Succeed in Civil ServiceInterns enrolled in the USAID Promote Women in Government program feel confident that the internship program represents a critical first step to building a strong professional network in the Afghan civil service.

Through their intensive training at the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI), interns are cultivating foundational relationships between fellow interns, trainers, and ACSI staff.

According to one of the current interns at ACSI, Razia Suleman*, progressive training methods, such as participatory approach, presentations, and frequent group work have resulted in building both positive personal and professional relationships among interns.

“When we know one another well, we are much more likely to work and interact well,” She said. “This relationship building has also improved our morale and increased productivity to our day-to-day learning and work and enabled us to collaborate and work together.”

Other women mentioned how such enriching relationships have improved the accuracy and overall quality of their assignments. Nahid Akbarzada* said all the interns work together to build teamwork and networking skills.

“In terms of personal and professional development, we can be more innovative and creative since we can share lessons learned and our experiences,” She said.

She also emphasized the importance of intern-trainer relationships in expanding interns’ networks. By preparing interns to pass an entry exam in the core civil service functions, trainers are supporting the increase in the number of women who will work in the public sector.

Najia Noori* said she values this relationship-building process for her future career. She believes that building and maintaining professional relationships will not only make her fellow interns more engaged and committed to their goals, but will also open a path toward effective networking in the future.

With this established network, USAID Promote’s Women in Government alumna will be better equipped to solve common problems they may face while working within government ministries and institutions.


*Names are changed for security reasons