Promote’s Women’s Leadership Development program currently has 31 workshops underway across the country to hone the skills of educated women between 18 and 30 to become future leaders in government, business and civil society. The Promote Jawana curriculum provides a series of mentoring and experiential programs for three months. There are currently 750 female participants in Kandahar, Nangahar, Mazar, Herat and Kabul. Promote empowers them to address and remove social and cultural barriers and explore ideas for social change.

"I used to hear that women could be leaders, but I never knew how,” said Karima Atifi*. “I always believed that it was just for women in upper class families with connections. I understand now that women are not innocent or weak. Women have the best potential for leading this country."

Under the Women’s Leadership Development program, Promote will provide 18,000 high-achieving educated women between 18 and 30 with cutting-edge leadership skills.

Currently, there are two on-going workshops in Nangarhar, two in Kandahar, six in Mazar, six in Herat and 15 in Kabul –with about 25 students in each. To be part of this amazing program please apply today to be enrolled for the next course which begins in December 2015. For further information please check or write us on

*Name Changed for security reasons