Hasina (not her real name) joined Musharikat’s Women’s Political Participation (WPP) Coalition because their vision was straight forward and appealed to her – Increase women’s participation in 2018 Elections. When she learned the coalition was conducting a voter registration campaign to support women registering to vote for the October national elections, she wanted to do her part. Hasina wasn’t sure how to start so she began by talking to neighbors and going door to door in her 6th district of Faiz Abad City, Badakhshan.  She tried to convince women to register to vote, but quickly found out that 62 women in her neighborhood did not have Tazkiras (national identity cards) which is a precondition for registration.

Recognizing this problem, she contacted the provincial Population Registration Department (PRD) which is responsible for issuing Tazkiras and talked to them about the challenge. The PRD asked Hasina to mobilize and organize all the women from her neighborhood in one place so that the department could send one of their mobile teams to the area to issue Tazkiras. Hasina, who is a teacher at the local Faizabad Teacher Training College, talked to the administration of the college and requested a room so that she could bring in her neighborhood women to receive their Tazkiras. The administration accepted the suggestion and provided her a room. After coordinating a date with the PRD, the coalition member brought in all the women to the college to receive their Tazkira.

Fortunately, the staff from the college were able to take advantage of the PRD visit as well, and in the end 80-100 people received their Tazkira. The WPP coalition member continued her registration campaign and was happy to report that all of the women in her area had registered to vote! She shared what she learned from the process online using Musharikat’s secure Knowledge Management Portal so other coalition members could learn from her experiences.  The WPP Coalition members engaged in a lively conversation and assisted each other in effectively conveying the voter registration message.

It was a positive experience for Hasina who shared her experience with her peers at the Musharikat National Summit.  At the closing ceremony she closed her speech by saying, “What I did gave me strength and I learned that even one person can bring positive change, and I am now sure that every member of WPP Coalition across the country can bring this positive change.”

Promote Musharikat seeks to build broad-based constituencies for change, strengthening and supporting effective advocacy among national, provincial, and local activists and civil society organizations (CSOs) that focus on promoting women’s equality and empowerment. Throughout the life of the project, Musharikat will form 8 Issue-based Coalitions with the participation of 300 women’s rights-focused CSOs and 5,000 activists from all 34 provinces.