Tetra Tech Women’s Leadership Development TT-WLD-RFP-00110 Provide Jawana Graduate Profiles

Submission deadline date is 25-Dec-17, 3:00 PM, Kabul Afghanistan Time.

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Attachment A-SOW Provide Jawana Graduate Profiles for TT WLD Project

Attachment B- Bill of Quantity

 ANNEX 1. DUNS Application Registration Instructions

Attachment C - Proposal Cover Letter

Attachment D - Summary of Relevant Experience

Attachment E - Staffing Plan

Attachment F - Implementation Plan & Timeline.xls

Attachment F II Implement Plan Mach Equip Tools

Attachment G - GIRoA Certifications

Attachment H - US Government Certifications

Attachment I - Lower-Tier Subcontracting Plan

Attachment I II Lower-Tier Subcontracting Data Sheet

AttachmentJ-Vetting Information Form

RFP00110-Provide Jawana Graduate Profile for WLD Project