The Women’s Leadership Development Project’s Royesh Program (“Seedling” in Dari) focuses on training, 7000 young adolescent girls and women by enhancing their capabilities and equip them with life and work skills for fully materializing their potentials. This will enable them to contribute to Afghan Society in the social, economic, political, and cultural spheres in leadership roles. 

The Royesh Curriculum developed and launched in 2016 in coordination with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education, is a Life and Work Skills Course with an overarching theme of countering the gender imbalances in the Afghan society by empowering women and young girls to equally contribute in the development of Afghanistan. The Afghan Ministry of Education has endorsed the Royesh Curriculum and courses are offered through High Schools in five major population hubs of the country (Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar, and Kandahar). More information on the Royesh Program can be  found here.