USAID Promote: Women in Government

The USAID PROMOTE: Women in Government project advances and empowers Afghan women by fostering opportunities for professional development for female high school and university graduates interested in working with government institutions at the national and sub-national levels. In partnership with different GIRoA ministries and agencies, USAID PROMOTE: Women in Government builds the capacity of women aged 18-30 to ensure that they have the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to successfully become a new generation of Afghan Government leaders alongside their male counterparts. The project has three primary objectives:

  • Facilitate women’s entry into decision making roles in government through a multi-faceted twelve-month internship program that exposes participants to civil service training curricula, leadership development training, on-the-job training in ministries and links with project-coached mentors who will help to guide the women toward success.
  • Encourage a hospitable environment for female staff in government by working with government counterparts to research and resolve workplace obstacles for women.
  • Increase local stakeholder buy-in for support of women working outside the home through innovative wide reaching communications campaigns, including radio dramas, that aim to influence the social mindset regarding women’s employment opportunities in government leadership roles.