Question: What is the application process like for the USAID Promote: Women in Government Internship Program?

The internship positions will be announced widely through well-known job portals, and on government and public and private university websites. USAID Promote: Women in Government will review applications based on the requirements of the position to shortlist selected applicants. The shortlisted applicants will be called by USAID Promote: Women in Government to complete a written test and interview. Once the interview process is completed, the selected interns will be asked to provide the following documents:

  • Certified university degree (mandatory)
  • Agreement letter signed by the intern
  • Acknowledgment letter signed by the intern’s family
  • Personal statement discussing the intern’s strong desire and willingness to serve in government

Question: How long will the USAID Promote: Women in Government capacity development training program last?

The internship capacity development training program will last for nine months through a pre-determined curriculum developed by the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI) and USAID Promote: Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) program.

Question: What type of training programs will be provided to the interns?

There will be three types of training programs provided to interns: soft skills (through Promote: WLD program), technical skills (through ACSI), and hands-on training (through the on-the-job internship).

  • Soft Skills Training: Includes but is not limited to topics such as leadership, self- confidence, effective communication, stress management, anti-harassment, basic IT skills, basic English skills, and time management.
  • Technical Skills Trainings: A comprehensive course of technical skills trainings are provided to interns by the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI), which includes but is not limited to financial management, strategic management , policy/strategic planning, project management, human resources management, introduction to civil service law.
  • Hands-on Training: Includes job-related training within host ministries.

Question: What will be provided to the alumni of the internship program?

The alumni of the internship program will be provided with job opportunities within government entities, in addition to access to job fairs, networking, and professional development skills programs.

Question: How will this program change conservative attitudes towards women in the government?

The program will implement an innovative outreach campaign seeking to break down stereotypes, modify behavior such as sexual harassment, and improve attitudes towards women in government. This outreach campaign will highlight the benefits of female representation in government, the economy, and in broader public service roles while leveraging Afghan values to target both literate and illiterate populations.